Full Speed Ahead!

It’s 2013 and time for a fresh start. As you sit down and make your goals remember, average plan vigorously executed is better than a brilliant plan applied without vigor. Posted below is the workout from the iChoosefit Blog. 

Congratulations to everyone who came out today. You started the year off strong. Keep that momentum! If you missed the workout today here it is.

100 Bicycles
100 Split jumps
100 tricycles
100 Froggers
100 HR Push ups
100 7 ups
100 high jumps
100 jackknife dead lifts
100 side sit ups
100 Cradle squats

We did the workout this morning. We had to fight to do 100 reps, especially on the push ups and the extreme AB exercises. But we made it through. 1000 Reps! If you are interested in iChoosefit, the workouts are challenging but fun. If you are not able to do everything we give variations, so do not let 1000 reps intimidate you if you are a newbie. 

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Midlothian Bootcamp Dec 28th 2012

Great job this morning Midlothian. It is December 28th, and I commend you for coming back to workout so early. Most people will wait until next week, and most will procrastinate until February. Here is what you did today. Keep these numbers, we will do this again and increase all numbers.

Warm up

- 40 lunges

- 400 m run

- 40 AB rolls

- stretching

Two minutes max reps

- Barbell deep squat with a press (95/65)

- Bench Press (95/65)

- sit up

- box jump

- inverted rows

- dead lifts (155/95)

- shuttle

- tire flip

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The Compound Effect of Dream Breakers

When I was sixteen years old my high school (Bowie Vols!) invited a motivational speaker to give us tips of life, motivation, and goal achievement. He was very big and strong, able to rip a telephone book in half with his bare hands (which he did), and his message was very inspirational. One of the main things that stuck with me and my wife (high school sweetheart) was to stay away from dream breakers. . Fast-forward to now, and I have noticed the Social Media Dream breaker.

This year I have witnessed hordes of people strive to achieve weight loss goals, along with others. People love checking-in to their favorite workout place, or post a healthy recipe they try, and the ‘likes’ and positive feedback motivates them to move forward. In addition, there is a positive compound effect of post: it holds the person accountable, and it motivates others to get off of their butts. Every so often a person will give negative feedback on the persons’ page and it is absolutely devastating. I will not use the names out of respect, but it is something that is so repetitive and happens so often that you may be someone who is a victim of a Dream breaker.

A friend of mine has an eating disorder. She battled bulimia for 10 years, and suffered bouts of severe weakness. She recently went through treatment and is winning her battle with the eating disorder. She is now highly motivated, and wants to become a fitness trainer, and is in the process of working on her fitness certification. It has only been four months since she began her fitness journey, but one of the things that bothered her is that she has gained weight since she started eating again. She posts her workouts, meals, and favorite quotes daily and her friends cheer her on. One day a person posted a negative comment with the tone of “you are getting fat, what you are doing is not working…you looking like you are gaining weight…” This definitely put a damper on her self-image and how she viewed her progress. I talked to her at length and gave her an analogy. “When the city decides to do construction on a road, no likes the process. It causes traffic jams and everyone says ‘man I hate this road…’ It goes on for six months to a year and when the road is finished those same people are saying “man I love this road, this is awesome!” The body is the same way, when first start eating again, your body is a construction site. The body has to get used to taking in those extra calories, but you are becoming healthier. Eventually, with consistency and exercise you will lose the weight but you will be strong and healthy.” It made sense to her, and she told me that it helped, but the mean post that person put really affected her. There are other examples of people who post their progress, or that they are working out, and others post things like “Don’t worry, she will gain it back…” or the ole “you don’t look like you are changing…”

Personally, I think most people are good, but they possess that CRAB mechanism. If you do not know what a human crab is please take a moment to see the definition here http://www.ichoosefit.org/three-types-of-people-to-avoid-to-achieve-your-goals/

If someone tries to better themselves, we have a natural instinct to pull them back down to earth. I will play devil’s advocate and say that when people are posting their goals and dreams, it can be perceived that they are rubbing it in the face of others. As a result people will lash out at them, but I do not think it is the right thing to do. If you really feel like someone is rubbing something in your face, or they are out of line just shoot them a message before you publicly embarrassed them. Maybe a small percentage of us try to rub it in, but most of the people I know who post their progress are scared out of their wits and they need all of the support and prayer that they can get! We all have a profession, something that we are good at, a place in our lives where we have thick skin and can take criticism. Then there is our hobby, our second love; whether it be learning how to play an instrument, or trying to change our bodies through diet and exercise. This is where we are most vulnerable, because we are putting a massive effort into it, but we are not experts in this field. I put we, because even though I am fitness professional, I have so much to learn and I have such a long ways to go. This is where we have really thin skin, and when someone says something negative, or something that will take us off course, it works easily.

Now back to the title “The Compound Effect of Dream breakers”

Each time someone tells me about how someone was mean and ugly to them on facebook or twitter. It changes the way that person post. Anytime you publicly display your weight loss and fitness journey, there is someone who is quietly cheering for you, someone who is slowly building up the courage to go on their own journey of transformation. When that person transforms, there is someone watching them, and so on and so forth. Think about this hard… I am not speaking to the dream breaker, he or she is probably not going to read a motivational tip, and they are probably ‘head hunting’ this very moment. I am speaking to the person who is struggling hard to stay focused, the person who has big goals and aspirations, the person who may be hanging on to their goal by a tiny thread. I am also talking to myself. Be loud and proud about your goals and your progress, it puts your butt to the fire and holds you accountable, but more importantly you become part of someone else’s journey. If someone says something ugly to you and you stop posting, for one it will slow you down. Secondly, the person that was quietly cheering for you will be let down as well. What if you have a follower, or what if there are 1000 people that can be inspired by only you and your unique story? And out of those 1000, what if each of them has a follower or 100 potential people who will be inspired by them? This is the full devastation. It does not just slow you down, it kills more than realize. If you are quiet about your goals, I am not telling you the all of a sudden start a video log on YouTube. Continue your course. But if you are one of those who are loud about it, continue to do so and understand you have someone who is counting on you to succeed besides yourself. Don’t try to avoid the people that throw negative words and thoughts at you, in doing so you avoid the people that need you.

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Unmotivated? Restart Your Fire

The weather is changing, the holiday season is here. With all of the parties, events and preparation for Turkey Day and Christmas, it is easy to backslide on your fitness program, or any big-time goal you have for that matter. If you backslide too much, you feel sluggish, slow and tired. But despite how you feel your number of task increases rapidly. You may be scheduled for a five mile run, or there is that light bulb in the back yard that needs changing. It gets dark really early because of the time change, so it would only make sense to do it right? Why haven’t you? Its 5:30 a.m. and you know that you group of friends are working their tails off, but it is a little chilly outside, and you are super tired from your super-busy schedule, so you decide to sleep in. The moral to the story is you are falling behind on everything, not because you are getting busier, because you are doing less while your schedule is getting busier. If this is you then you need a Spark, a re-kindling of the fire that comes from within … MOTIVATION. The most efficient way to get things done is to start with the big, difficult task and do the less important things second or not at all. But in this case you need to reverse the order. You need a spark, a change of pace, something to break out of the funk you are in. So how do you throw gasoline onto your psyche? You don’t have to strain and give some tremendous effort, write down a huge list, or sit down and think about it. Start with something simple. For exercise it could be a one mile run, if you are out of shape, a 1k run; something small, anything to get you moving. If you are behind on task, start out with something small like sweeping the floor, seriously. Once you finish one simple task, continue to push and gradually pick up the pace. Don’t worry about everything you have to do. Avoid letting task loom over you like a shadow or a Grim Reaper of time. Just stay focused on what is in front of you and move onto the next thing. When I am in a rut, this works for me 80% of the time. If it doesn’t work, I just try something else which I will post on another blog so stay tuned J

If you are in the DFW area you can come try a free workout at iChoosefit.org Boot Camp or try Crossfit at Crossfitg6.com

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Kate’s Trich Run

All gyms and bootcamps are closed today to go to Kate’s Trich Run. Two of our very own, Billy and Belinda has a child who suffers from this rare conditioning. The run will be held andy River Legacy Park in Arlington Texas. This run will be the first of its kind, but is sure to be the start of a nationwide launch. I’m proud as a fitness professional to be a ‘fly on the wall’ as something this momentous takes place. I have see the months of preparation of two parents for the run. On one end the physical part, them coming I everyday and making workout. The mental part, of them hashing out every detail to make this run a success. The theme for the run is to wear super hero attire.  I did not get a chance to obtain one. But I am pushing my kids on a stroller. Does Super Dad Count?

AJ Tucker
Crossfit Level-I Coach
Sport Performance Nutrition
Since 2005

Come out to our Crossfit gym at crossfitg6.com

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Veteran’s Day Blog

Happy Veteran’s day to everyone who served and currently serve in the United States Military. My last day in the military was August 1st, 2005, my wife’s birthday. During that time I spent 14 months in Iraq and got a chance to witness life in a less privileged country. At any moment someone could bomb a hospital, where innocent employees work day to day, or a firefight occurs in the middle of the city. Even though that has happened in America, it is nowhere near the frequency it does in other countries. It is important to remember while we are worried about traffic, or making a sales call there are servicemen and women out there sacrificing on a daily basis.

I love being in the fitness industry: waking up daily and training people in the morning before they are off to work, and in the evening after work. In other countries the last thing they are thinking about is a fitness regimen. For the most part it is day to day. Security is a big reason. If traffic is a problem on the main highways in the morning, imagine a traffic jam that last for 24 hours because of an explosion.  It is hard for even me to imagine, and I have seen it first-hand. I got a call about a week ago from SFC Kelly. He was a Sergeant in my old unit. It was totally random and a pleasant surprise. It had been seven years since I had last seen or talked to him, but we talked as if it were just a couple of weeks ago He is on his 22nd year of active service. Since I left the military he has been on three more tours and preparing for another one.  

I truly appreciate the veterans who help build this country and those who are currently serving keeping us safe. If you know in the service, shake their hand or hit them up on Facebook thanking them for their service.

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Anytime Anywhere/ Become Immune to Obesity

The one commodity in short supply is time. We never have enough time to do what we want to do: whether it be family time, weight loss, finances, or climbing Mount Everest. My area of expertise is fitness and lifestyle training. One reason why I am an expert is because of research, the other reason is the enormous amount of time I spend immersed in it. There is no substitute for the amount of time you put into something if you want results, and transformation is the same way. My goal today is to make you view exercise and fitness in a different light, and to help you understand that it is so much easier than we make it out to be. 

When we are in our late teens and early to mid-twenties, we do not realize the abundance of time we have to exercise and get into great shape. As we get older it becomes harder. Age is a factor, but it is the other things in life that bring challenges.

1) work – as we get older we are given more responsibilities at work, taking up more time and energy. 

2) Age – The body does not recover as fast, and if you do not train smart you will lose your motivation to exercise or suffer nagging injuries. 

3) Kids – Children take up an enormous amount of time and energy.  Just having one child is a life-changer, having multiple children can threaten your workout regimen.

4) Comfort – Our ancestors had to hunt for their food, and live on the brink of destruction everyday. We have grocery stores to get our food, cars to take us where we need to go. Instead of being physical all day as we were designed, we sit: whether it be sitting in the car going to work, sitting in front of a computer, or sitting in front of a TV, there is just not enough danger to force us into fight or flight.

5) All or nothing mentality – Most of us have the misconception that if we do not go to a gym, or our trainer to exercise that we do not have enough time. Think about how much time it takes to go to the gym…
Change clothes, get ready, get the kids ready, load everyone up, drive to the gym. This part can take up to 30 minutes or even longer. Go to the gym, wait in line to drop your kid, workout for an hour. This process takes an hour if you are lucky. Then the drive back home. Sometimes a trip to the gym can cost your two to three hours. That is impossible  us to do everyday.

When I was in the Army, we had to take immunization shots and be prepared for any eventuality. We took Small Pox, Anthrax, Hepatitis and other shots. Today I am giving you a dose of reality. You will never have enough time to do all the things you want to do, you have to Choose to be Fit or Choose to be Fat. If you have the right mentality, you will train Anytime, Anywhere. 

I may fall out of condition to hit a personal record on my 5k, or compete in a Crossfit or Jui Jitsu competition, but I will always be in good shape until the day I die. I manage to go to the gym twice a week, but it is the things I do in between that make me or break me. 

How to become immune to obesity:

For example: if I know that I will not have enough time to go to the gym, or run a couple of miles I will set a budget for the day. Posted below is an example

100 Pull ups
500 push ups
500 body weight squats
200 – 300. Yard sprints.

I will break this up in any way the day allows. Sometimes I will do the 100 pull ups within an hour, or I may do 10 pull ups, 50 push ups and squats and a sprint every thirty minutes to an hour and accumulate the reps over the course of a day. You will be amazed and how much you can do when you do fitness Anytime/ Anywhere. You can be in your home, the parking garage at the mall, or at a family reunion. Remember the body was made to be physical all day long. So as you were reading this you were holding your body in the plank position right!? Let’s get to it:)

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Live Like You are Dying

Motivation is like a fire that burns within you. In order to stay motivated you have to keep feeding the flames or the fire will die out. On my search for another dose of motivation I read an interesting chapter from the book “The Top 10 Distinctions Between Millionaires and the Middle Class” by Keith Cameron Smith. 

He referenced a survey where they took a sampling of people who were over 90 years old. They asked them one question “If you had life to live over again, what would you do differently?” The top three most repeated answers were

1) I would take more risk
2) Appreciate the good things and learn from the bad things
3) Do more things that will live on after me

“Take more risk” When I look at this, I do not see it as someone robbing a bank, or skydiving into the Grand Canyon. It means to get out of your comfort zone, stretch yourself, push it to the limits. Whether it be in a workout, trying to improve your finances, or improve your spiritual life. Do not do the same thing everyday. Make bigger goals, and push yourself to the next level. This leads into the next line:

“Appreciate the good things and learn from the bad things”
When you are taking risk you will reap the rewards, but you will also fall flat on your face from time to time. One of my Jui Jitsu coaches told me once after a particularly rough day “sometimes you are the nail, and sometimes you are the hammer.” When you hit a goal cherish it, whenever you fall short turn your adversity into a university. The more you learn from mistakes, take risk, and hit milestones, the more you will leave a legacy for the rest of your family. 

“Do more things that will live after me”

Statues are made for people because of what they gave, not what they have. Give all you can. This does not necessarily mean money. You will learn so much over the course of a lifetime. More than you can use. Turn around and give back to someone. If you have lost a lot of weight, turn around and motivate someone. If you have the chance, leave a legacy behind that will take care of your children’s children. 99% of the time, it is within our reach. It will require us to reach as far as we can, stretch ourselves out in such a way that may leave us open for a blow to the gut and it hurts sometime. Imagine if you stretched your arms as high as possible and someone came by and blasted you in the stomach. It would hurt, and the next time in that position you would cover up your body to avoid being hurt again. That is understandable, but there is no way to get to the next level without stretching as much as possible. 

This week is a new week. You are not the same person as last week. If you lost in a situation last week it is not relevent because you are better than you were. 

Smith, K.C. (2007). The Top 10 Distinctions Between Millionaires and The Middle Class. Ballantine Books

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Human Wrecking Ball

It’s cold, it’s a holiday, and those blankets are so comfy and cozy. You normally exercise, or start the week off strong, but you have better things to do… Like sleeping in and snuggling up with your honey. You wake up and go about the day in a half-hearted way that will set the tone for the entire week. Unless you were taking a break from some big accomplishment you will probably feel a disappointment in yourself at the end of the day by bringing yourself one step closer to falling off the wagon. 

One of my wife’s favorite shows is Extreme Home Makeover. If there is a football game, or an awesome UFC match then I am going to miss those shows. But at the end I get caught up into the show as well. This show takes a family who is in dire need of a new home. The host comes into their lives with an uplifting attitude and listens to their story. He sends the family off to a nice place while he and his crew remodel the home. The first thing they do is demolish the home and then they totally rebuild it, in the end they bring the family back to show them their new home. Everyone is happy, everyone cries including my wife… I may shed a tear or two as well… and it is a feel good story. 

Personally, my favorite part of the show is when they get to demolish the home. They use bull dozers and hammers and absolutely run amuck, If they ever needed volunteers I would do it in a heartbeat. The reason why I love it not because I like to bash things with hammers(i do just a little:)), but because it represents a path to greatness. They did not like the homes that they were in but it was good enough to live in. Even though the house was livable by some standards they finally hit a breaking point and committed to tearing it down that is the only way to totally transform is to tear it down.

With the human mind, body, and spirit, we must be a human wrecking ball every single day. I encourage you to bring the same destructive force, and intensity to your day when you wake up. Any thoughts of weakness, self-pity, and procrastination should be destroyed by the force of your will when you wake up in the morning. Sometimes it is easy, but often times you have to use blunt force and confront the ‘old’ you. See, the old you does not want to go away even if you want it to. While you are trying to eat clean a sugar craving crashes into you and destroys your progress. 

“Fight fire with fire”

The old you is good enough. You may be overweight, have poor eating habits, an average employee and that is good enough to survive. You will not suffer any severe consequences, and you can work just hard enough to keep your Job. But if you want something more, you want to build a new mind, body and spirit, you have to become a ‘Human Wrecking Ball’ and start each day with destructive force. Destructive against the negative thoughts habits and influences of your life, while rebuilding the positive. Identify them and demolish them. 

Tonight, I am doing a conference call on basic core nutrition using Advocare’s 24 Day Challenge. The call starts at 9:05 pm and ends promptly at 9:20 pm.  If you have been struggling and in need of a clean bill of health, pick up the phone and dial 209-647-1000 access code 224506#

Other services and specials:

- See what everyone is raving about at www.crossfitg6.com

- 30 Day free trial at www.ichoosefit.org

- Start new with the 24 Day Challenge https://www.advocare.com/08092107/Store/ItemDetail.aspx?itemCode=99037&id=A&flavor=3

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Wanna Gain 8-12 lbs? Please Don’t Read This

The time is upon us! It’s October 1st. If you are one of those who live by the calendar like I do, you are marking off Halloween, and trying figure out which Halloween party to attend. 
If you are not obsessed with calendars and schedule like I am I will give you a head-start by telling you ‘Trick-or-Treat’ is on Wednesday and the parties are either on the weekend of the 26th or the 2nd of November. This blog post is not about places to go on Halloween, or what are the best candies to eat. This blog is about something you may not be thinking about. Since, January of 2006 I witness the New Years resolution wave every January. I see thousands transform and I see thousands totally fall off the wagon. I can tell you from experience today is the most important day of the year. Why? Because it marks the start of holiday season. Everyone has a different definition of holiday season. I start October 1st and run it until February 28th. This is where I see most people stumble. The average woman can gain 8-12 pounds in this time period each year. Then they spend March to September trying to lose the weight, then another onslaught of holiday season. Eventually, the body gains weight faster, and lose weight at a slower rate. Here is an example of the cycle and how to break the cycle.

October: The weather changes along with the pace of life. At the end of the month we attend Halloween parties along with the extra lickies and chewies.  Halloween is only one day. It is not all of the extra candy we eat on Halloween, or even the Halloween parties, it is the fact that we do not trash the candy the next day. An extra Kit-Kat here, an extra Smartone there. Give me a break! But just not a piece of that Kit-Kat bar. 

Possible weight gain: 2-4 lbs

Solution: Throw the candy in the trash the next day!

November: While we sharpen our sweet tooth, we are gearing up for Thanksgiving. By the time we run out of Candy, four weeks later we are ready to pig out on Turkey Day Here is what is interesting about Thanksgiving; the main foods are pretty darn healthy. Turkey, green beans, sweet potatoes.Sound good right? The problem with Thanksgiving is all of the extra pies and desserts on the side. At the time it doesn’t seem like a problem. It is quite tasty actually. 

Possible weight gain: 2-4 lbs

Solution: Cook smaller portions of desserts, make healthy recipes, and eat clean. There are plenty of foods that are very tasty without having to stuff yourself like a turkey. Also run in a Turkey Trot!

December: “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!” As we work on our leftovers from Thanksgiving, life gets really busy. Kids and teachers are gearing up for Christmas break. I have had clients who take off the entire month to spend time with their families in other countries. Again the parties, inside and outside of the workplace go on throughout the entire month. From December 23-31 we are spending time with family, and celebrating the birth of Christ. 

Possible weight gain: 3-5 pounds

Solution:  Exercise daily! No matter what Exercise daily! No matter the weather, or what family member is coming over. 

January: Many people assume that January is my busiest month. For some gyms that may be true, but most of my people come in during the months of November and December. People plan to start back up on the first week of January, and there is a number of people who come out of the gates strong. The majority finishes the year off strong with a A New Years Eve celebration! By the time they get to the first week of the year, they need a few days to recover. Even if they did not have a New Years Bash, here are a few reasons why they do not start the year out strong.

1) Spent all of their money in Christmas, waiting on the income tax to come in.
2) Too Cold
3) Playing Catch up, Too busy

Possible weight gain: 3-5 lbs

Solution: Do not wait until the New Year to get back on track, do your best to exercise and eat healthy in the month of December. If you wait until January then you have an 8% chance of reaching your goal. I don’t like those odds.

Finally in February the individual staggers into the gym, and flames out in June. I am beginning the ‘Fight For Fitness’ today. Over the last two weeks our clients have been participating in a Crossfit Paleo Challenge. Over the last two weeks we have seen some serious results. Stephanie F. for example, has lost 15lbs in just two weeks and you can see a dramatic change. We have 24 Crossfitters doing the challenge, and all of them are enjoying similar results! We still have seven weeks to go. We are referring most of them to Paleo Books, the one me and a few others are following is Paleo Everyday by Sarah Fragoso. This is a lifestyle book designed for individuals and family. Here a few things that I am doing to recruit you in the fight for fitness.

1) 30 Free Trial to iChoosefit: For new and returning members

2) Group and Corporate rates for CrossfitG6

3) weekly phone conferences that include: 
- Tips on Paleo
- Exercise tips
- how to stay motivated
Look for the phone number and access codes on upcoming newsletters and Facebook post.

If you are ready to get a head start call me today at 817-774-6552

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